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Lisa Tannenbaum, the photographer
Lisa Tannenbaum
Photo Credit: Kristina Elaine

NewMexicoStockPhotos.com operates out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is made up of me, myself, and I: Lisa Tannenbaum. I started snapping digital photos in 1998 with a Sony Mavica, and at the end of 2001, I moved up to an Olympus C-2100 Ultrazoom digital camera. It had a whopping 10x optical zoom and took 2-megapixel photos -- back in the day, that was pretty serious stuff.

I got really hooked after I took a photo of a sandhill crane with the Oly and subsequently realized it had a red head (the crane, that is). I'm very near-sighted; it turns out that taking photos has allowed me to see way more than I could have otherwise. I've been engrossed in photographing my adopted state ever since, and have amassed tens of thousands of photos of New Mexico.

NewMexicoStockPhotos.com is loosely based on NewMexicoPhotos.com, a website I started building in 2003, and features high-quality photos of New Mexico. Over the years, more and more folks have asked to use the images on NewMexicoPhotos commercially; those requests are the driving force behind this website.

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